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American COP November 2012 Digital Edition - Page 16

G2G JOHNCONNOR GOODTOGOGEAR SPEED-DRAW CC HOLSTER HT HOLSTERS The problem with most security holsters is, the more secure they are, the more complex and slower they are. That’s not the case with the Speed-Draw CC concealed carry holster. There’s no push-wiggle-tiltand-draw to it; just take a natural grip position on your pistol, and the web of your hand rocks a lever forward, releasing a lug engaging the trigger guard. Attempting to snatch the pistol out by the butt from front, rear or side just won’t work. But as long as you come relatively straight down to a conventional grip, you can draw smoothly from standing, sitting, crouching or prone with no problem at all. The learning curve is virtually flat; it’s intuitive and fast. The holster’s angle can be adjusted 360 degrees in increments of about 3/8", and three sizes of belt backing plates are available. You’ll have to see how the system works on HT’s website. This is a really innovative, intelligent design, quality made of tough, lightweight fiberglass-reinforced polymer. MSRP: $59. www.americancopmagazine. com/ht-holsters US TACTICAL SYSTEMS BACK-UP TWENTY AR BUTTSTOCK VERSA-POD DEFENSE If you roll with an AR in your cruiser, you probably have several loaded spare magazines, stored safely in the trunk. The problem is, when you screech up to a nasty scene, you don’t often have time for gear snorkeling — you just grab your carbine and scoot! And gunfights tend to travel, so you might be two blocks away two minutes later with an empty AR and an unfinished fight. Now just imagine pulling down a T-latch on your carbine’s buttplate, pressing a button and having a loaded 20-round mag pop out into your hand. Cool, huh? That’s what the Back-Up Twenty AR replacement buttstock can do for you. Constructed of DuPont Zytel, it’s the same length and strength as a standard M16A2 model, and weighs only 7.8 ounces more. Easy to install and operate, it’s a huge improvement over clumsy sidesaddle pouch arrangements and mag-doubler clamps. There’s even a clear window on the right side of the stock confirming the magazine’s presence. MSRP is $199.95. MWG TOUCHSCREEN GLOVES YOUNGSTOWN GLOVE COMPANY Touchscreen smart phones, GPS devices, medical equipment and in-vehicle monitors are fast and handy, and increasing daily in numbers. Using them with bare hands works fine, but with gloves? That can be a big problem, but not with MWG TouchScreen Gloves, which have capacitive material sewn into the thumbs, index and middle fingers so you can accurately text, tap and scroll even under cold and humid conditions. The material works on both resistive and capacitive screens. Youngstown was already making special touchscreen-friendly gloves for other applications, and they recently redesigned that feature into tough, durable gloves for LE and military use. MWGs also feature integral knuckle protection, grippy silicon palms, Velcro cuff closures and a terry cloth thumb for wiping sweat and debris. We tested them with several handguns and the cut didn’t interfere with weapon manipulation and trigger control. Buy ’em snug; you won’t have to take them off to operate your tech gear. Machine washable and double-stitched with bonded nylon thread, they’re priced right at $24.99. youngstown 16 CTL COMPACT WEAPONLIGHT VIRIDIAN GREEN LASER New compact and subcompact pistol designs are showing up daily, with many of them having very little space for a rail-mounted accessory. Some have only one mounting slot. Viridian Green Laser customers asked for a tough, powerful, programmable weaponlight, which wouldn’t extend past the muzzle. VGL’s response: the CTL Compact Tactical Light. The CTL requires just 1" of rail space and comes with three different rail sets to fit most makes. Constructed of hard anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and Zytel polymer, it packs a 100-lumen, widefield LED light, automatically boosting to 140 lumens on strobe mode. Tap controls are ambidextrous, and the CTL can be userprogrammed for both variable constant-light intensity and frequency of its strobing rate. A single CR2 battery provides power, and it’s front loading so you can change batteries without removing the unit from the pistol. The CTL is also ECR (Enhanced Combat Readiness) compatible, which means it mates with VGL’s TacLoc holsters. This allows you to set the CTL’s mode, holster the pistol, and the instant you draw, it turns on automatically! MSRP is $169. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER2012

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