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American COP Magazine October 2012 Digital Edition - Page 18

CARRY OPTIONS FROMHOLSTERSTOHAVERSACkS. JOHNRUSSO remember when my Remington Nylon (plastic) Model 66 .22 rifle was considered “futuristic.” Then plastic holsters came along and a new era was born. When the first Kydex holsters came out they were bulky and most gun fits were mediocre. As technology progressed, so did the holster quality. Today’s Kydex holsters fit guns perfectly, allow a fast and smooth draw, and look great. If you’re a die-hard leather fan, keep an open mind. Plastic is easy to clean, holds its shape, offers a “snick” fit, and is often adjustable for carry modes. Here are a couple of ideas of what’s out there today in factory and custom mode. Left: Galco’s Double Time PlastIC Power I alco (originally known for their high quality leatherwork) now makes excellent Kydex and injection-molded polymer holsters. Their latest Kydex offering is the Double Time, and it truly lives up to its name. Primarily designed as an IWB holster, it features an adjustable tension screw allowing you to achieve the exact level of retention to fit your needs. The holster is cut perfectly and molded around the gun so there’s no bulky, excess plastic protruding from the sides — which is never desired when riding inside your pants. The butt-forward cant provides an additional concealment advantage by kicking the butt up toward the centerline of your body, minimizing weapon print through your cover garment. The holster has a raised sweat guard on the inside to keep the pistol from touching the body. That keeps your sweat off the gun, and it prevents the gun from rubbing your body, protecting you from it. The belt loops have heavy-duty snaps so it remains in place, while allowing you to put it on and take it off without removing your belt. So why do they call it Double Time? The holster comes with the necessary hardware to convert it into a standard belt holster. I wore it both ways and found it very comfortable and easy to draw from. The best feature is being able to reholster 1-handed since the holster mouth stays open. Making The SwiTch To kydex G FaCtory can be worn as both an IWB and a standard belt holster. Today’s plastic rigs are usually top quality and offer superior fit. TAC-TECH-CAL is a true custom shop and built this unique 6-mag pouch. The holster’s also custom made for a Kimber TLE/RL with a rail — not something easy to fit! f you’re looking for something a little more custom or can’t seem to find a holster for a specific gun, look no further. TAC-TECH-CAL is a new kid on the block. Owner Jim Tactay is a US military veteran and competitive shooter who got frustrated with having to wait months for a custom holster and with the lack of fits in factory rigs. Jim jumped TAC-TECH-CAL Kydex rig into the Kydex holster business, creating custom rigs built to the customer’s specs. His for a Glock 17. It’s pink, in case you didn’t notice. It’s turnaround time is usually less than a week, for John’s wife … at least and his prices are excellent. I had him build that’s what he’s saying. me several rigs for different guns and each one fits perfectly. They have good retention while allowing a fast and smooth draw. I started with a setup for my Kimber 1911 TLE/RL. This is a full-sized gun with a light rail, so factory holsters are limited. I told Jim I needed a rig for the range and wanted a way to carry a few extra mags so I could stay online shooting longer. He made me one of his belt rigs in coyote brown with a matching 6-mag pouch! This mag pouch is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a triple-mag pouch with an additional triple-mag pouch bolted on, and staggered slightly for accessibility. You can unbolt the outer pouch if needed and you’ll have two triples. With TAC-TECH-CAL you aren’t limited to just black. Common colors include black, coyote and OD green. Other colors are also available — even pink. If you’re looking for a plastic holster, don’t settle for anything unless it’s exactly what you want. And remember, regardless of the holster you choose, take the time to practice with it until it becomes second nature. Custom made I * For more info:, (800) 874-2526 or, (951) 306-7488 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • OCTOBER2012 18

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