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American COP Magazine August 2012 Digital Edition - Page 45

VANTAGE PoiNT Continuedfrompage46 Stuff I LI ke 3 2 1 1 Here’s something that made me smack my forehead and utter, “Crap, why didn’t I think of this first?” BriteStrike is making these ingenious stickon LED lights: APALS (All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips). Even though they were originally made for the military, their applications for police work and everyday life are endless. Each water/weatherproof light is about the size of a dog tag; has three modes (steady, slow strobe and fast strobe), and can be stuck on anything. The runtime is almost 2 days (about 40 hours), and can be seen from .25 miles. These are perfect for search and rescue efforts, SWAT missions, building searches and more. You don’t have to think too hard to see their benefits for law enforcement. A box of 10 in red, blue, green, white, yellow or pink is about $44; the IR version is about $55. www.americancopmagazine. com/brite-strike for your budget, the standard model in stainless steel is only $30. It’s not too early to send Santa Claus your wish list for C h r i s t m a s . w w w. americancopmagazine. com/tuff-products 5 cer’s ACP, built by Terry Tussey — is a stunning example of Karla’s talent. I can expand the number of pages within the journal simply by using taller Chicago screws. The more I handle the journal, the softer and more patinaed the leather will become. I’m sure to enjoy this the rest of my life and look forward to passing it on to my daughter. www. 3 The T.M.C. (Tactical Money Clip) from Tuff Products is something I saw recently at the NRA Show in St. Louis. It’s not just a money clip; it’s a defensive weapon, a striking tool, and was designed by custom knifemaker Warren Thomas. So, if you find yourself where you simply aren’t allowed to have a gun, you still have a little something to help you if it hits the fan. And it really is a handsome money clip. The one shown here is a limited edition in a great shade of blue titanium. This one will set you back about $110, but if that’s too rich 2 File this under the category of “cheap insurance.” Impact Armor Technologies’ Ballistic Clipboard looks like a simple black, plastic clipboard with a handle, doesn’t it? Well, it is — and a lot more. This 12x13", 3/8" thick clipboard is made to exceed Level IIIA NIJ standards for body armor, and is something I’d have given my eyeteeth to have while working alone on graveyards in the really scary parts of town. Who hasn’t had the hair on the back of their neck stand up while approaching a car on a traffic stop? Can your flashlight or your ticket book stop incoming rounds? Nope! So for around $150, why wouldn’t you have this in hand while making that nerve-racking approach? www.americancopmagazine. com/impact-armor Sometimes I think my “smart” phone is possessed. On more than one occasion, I’ve missed or been severely tardy to an appointment because a ghost in my phone has mysteriously changed the time of the appointment I made. To avoid becoming OCD over the situation and so I have a paper journal (for taxes), I called upon Karla Van Horne of Purdy Gear to make a custom tooled leather journal for me. We collaborated on its overall size and color, but I gave her artistic license with the tooling. My only request was for her to center our house logo (a leaping gazelle-like animal). The end result — shown here along side an incredible 1911 holster holding my beautiful Colt Offi- 5 4 4 Kudos to Smith & Wesson for having the foresight to get things such as holsters and other accessories in the pipeline before they launched the new M&P Shield (available in 9mm or .40). This trio of leather holsters: a Galco Stinger (classic open-top belt holster), a Check-Six (small of the back) and Tuckable (IWB) from BLACKHAWK! are a few ways I like carrying my new Shield. The gun sits deep in each, keeping the triggerguard covered. The Stinger has a slight forward cant, and I wear it just behind my hipbone. A light jacket easily conceals it and the Check-Six, which sits slightly further behind my hip than the Stinger, and it has a much more pronounced forward cant. I wear the Tuckable just forward of my hip and the gun is completely concealed in my pants or shorts. I wasn’t a fan of these two types of holsters — they didn’t work for me with full-sized guns — but with smaller guns like the Shield, I’m finding myself a convert. MSRPs are $40-$60 and I’m sure one will work for you. www.americancopmagazine. com/galco, 45 * WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM VANTAGEPoiNT

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