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American COP Magazine August 2012 Digital Edition - Page 34

Hot Cop Pat Covert Sizzling, Envelope-Pushing Gear H ot stuff — we all know what it is and we all want it. Every year the advances in technology and design just get better, not only making our jobs easier and more efficient, but raising the “I want it” quotient several notches over the top. It’s all good — we need it and deserve it! New steels, innovative styles and a bevy of products that pack a lot of punch in a small package highlight this year’s crew of must-have stuff. As you’ll see with the wide grouping of “hot stuff” featured there’s a budget for every purse or wallet, so jump in and find the right gear for you! Knives Above: Stealthy steel — Combine sleek angles with a blade that opens in a flash and you’ve got the KershawTurbulence.Thisknifehaseverythingexceptafterburners!DesignedbyknifemakerTimGaylean, theTurbulencesportsa3.25"(Sandvik14C28Nstainlesssteel)hybridclip-pointbladethatrollsoutina blinkwithaflickoftheflipperoranudgeofthethumbstud—complimentsofKershaw’spatentedSpeedSafeassistedopeningmechanism.G10 handlescalesandaliner-lockareincorporatedintotheknife’sstealthyhandleandapocketcliponbackmakesforeasytoting.MSRPis$110. Right:Wickedrunt—Runtknivesarestillpopular,andoneofthesmokin’estmodelsoutthereistheBokerPipsqueak.TheburlyPipsqueak is 6.25" fully open, 2.6" of that in a premium Crucible Indistries S35VN re-curved drop point blade. The blade’s 2-tone finish (a combination of stone-washedgrindandsatinfinishedricasso)ishandsome,andthegreen linenMicartahandlesallbusiness.OnthebacksideisaheavydutyTitanium frame-locktokeepthebladesecurewhenemployed.Asruntsgo,thislittle masterpieceistopoftheline!MSRPis$299. Webeater—Wantwicked?TOPS7"SharkHeatfeaturesa3.75"blade,fully serrated for quickly dispatching webbing, rope, and cord at a scorchin’ pace. Thisuniquelydesignedfixedblade,nicelyfinishedinaTACGraycoating,has abluntedtiptopreventaccidentalpuncture,and440Cstainlesssteeladdsan extra measure of corrosion resistance. The Shark Heat’s short Micarta topped handlemakesforcompactcarry,andaKydexbeltsheathisincluded.MSRPfor thissmallbuteffectivehotshotis$109.95. 34 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST2012

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