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American COP Magazine August 2012 Digital Edition - Page 28

lEs BAER 28 NEW POlICE sPECIAl AR wish I had a nickel for every meeting I sat in on with advertising and manufacturing folks and heard the same sniveling refrain, “Our product is very high quality and manufactured to exacting standards. Cops are cheap and I don’t think they’re within our target demographic.” Cops are cheap, really? Not within your “target demographic”? So, just who do you think is going to buy your titanium, camo, indestructible, $28,000, 1x6, 56mm Urban Tactical scope — the military, SWAT teams, contractors? How about nobody? Generally — yes — cops are cheap, but that’s because usually cops don’t make a lot of money — especially for the job requirements. Feeding the family, paying the mortgage and buying gas somehow nibbles away at our paychecks and discretionary spending. Some jurisdictions actually buy officers the stuff they need and if you work for one, thank your lucky stars. But at most others, you’re on your own. That creates a dilemma. You need good quality tools to do your job, but many times you end up paying a premium for high quality goods. Les Baer Custom makes those highquality goods we talked about, and has been doing it for many years. So, what if you could get a truly high-quality AR system, and at a “cop-salary” price? No, really. RIGhT I RIGhT PRICE GUN New Police AR Les understands cops and their firearm needs. That goes for his pistols and his AR systems. He also under- WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST2012

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