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American COP Magazine August 2012 Digital Edition - Page 26

GeArwOrk SMArter, FASter . ANd eASier JOHN rUSSO Up Load Bearing Outer Vest Carrier by Safariland. Vests by Safariland will give you excellent protection and comfort. hen I started my police career the oldtimer’s told me how different the job was compared to when they started; how they didn’t have handheld radios and only carried a gun and a stick. It’s 20 years later and I can’t help but make similar comments to new officers. Tactics, training and policies have changed dramatically over the years, but so The BLaCkHaWk! Serpa holster allows one of the fastest draws from a level two and three kydex holster. w has the gear we use. There is a ton of gear out there — and some great ads designed to get us to spend our hard earned money. But what gear is really worth the money, and will it actually help us get the job done? Whether you’re working uniform, plainclothes or a tactical assignment, there’s plenty of new gear to make your job easier — just choose wisely. There’s never room to cover everything available, so we try to keep the books balanced by showing a cross-section of products. If you don’t see your favorite product or company here, stay tuned, as we’ll likely be visiting it later. and IIIA and comes with an extremely breathable, fast-drying cover. The duty belt is the core of the uniform, and an often-overlooked area of the duty belt is the under-belt. Tuff Products makes the Ergopad under-belt. This hook-and-loop wonder has a series of raised pads on the inside of the belt, cushioning and distributing the pressure caused by the duty belt. It’s available in several outer finishes, including both hook or loop product. Once you wear one you’ll wonder how you went without it. As for duty belts, just about everybody and their brother makes one. I like Tuff Products E.D.G.E. Duty Belt. Made with a 6-part laminate and a triple release buckle, it gives you the most room on your belt for gear, while making it easy to don. You might even consider getting rid of the duty belt and going with a load- Tote It Armor Personal body armor has taken huge steps in the past few decades. We need to be able to move quickly and stay inservice for several shifts if needed, so our armor has to be up to the challenge. Most any maker’s armor meeting NIJ standards can be relied upon to stop the rounds they’re rated for, but what separates them is their comfort and weight. In January, Safariland introduced the new ABA Xtreme XT02 Series line of body armor. Made of Dyneema, Twaron and Honeywell Gold Shield, it’s said to combine the best of value, comfort and performance. The Xtreme XT02 Series meets all NIJ standards including special threat rounds. It’s available in three threat levels, IIA, II Tuff Products Ergopad under belt cushions your hips while the E.D.G.E. outer belt securely holds all of your gear. 26 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST2012

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