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American COP Magazine August 2012 Digital Edition - Page 24

WIN! THIS PACKAGE! FrOM OMBGUNS FNH pS90/FNS-9 dUty pAckAGe! ToTAl VAlUE: $2,800! s! N u g B M o M fr oe from American COP, OMB Guns r e f f o g N I z ag AM A lying this stunning giveaway pack(T paying Police). aking Action Re r Besides supp even trade fo called T.A.R.P. duty pistol in an a new program ed ed su uc is od ttr en in m s rt ha pa rifle — OMB is to accept any de to your duty AR s ng ie ri apply; pl fe of ap e is m B sa OM me restrictions 40! The SSo FN e! in or rb 9 ca SFN 90 PS ick on a brand new and cl a 5.7x28 P90 or bg r m fo .o w ap w w sw to en offering an ev ore info. (Or go 9-1299 to get m t” link for more info.) 50 ) 66 (8 ll ca so men ement - Depart the “Law Enforc 24 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST2012

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