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American COP Magazine August 2012 Digital Edition - Page 20

CARRY OPTIONS FROMHOLSTERSTOHAVERSACKS. JOHNRUSSO UlTIMATE CONCEAlEd CARRY hen I was younger, like most new cops, I couldn’t wait to carry a gun off-duty. I knew what a responsibility it was but let’s face it, for any 22 year old, it’s a pretty cool privilege. With time and experience, I realized this responsibility could also be a bit of a burden. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to The Hide-It — from Ultimate Concealed Carry (UCC) — shown here with my Robar NP3-treated Colt Combat Commander. W say we live in a dangerous world and you’re a fool if you don’t carry a gun, if allowed to do so. I admit it can be a little tedious trying to conceal a handgun and spare magazine — especially when you live TWO FOR ThE ROAd in warmer climates. For this reason I’m always looking for new ways to comfortably carry a full-sized handgun. That’s why I was so excited to try a couple of new holsters from Ultimate Concealed Carry (UCC). CC’s flagship holster is the U Hide-It, an inside-the-pants holster. That it sits inside your pants is Hide-it about all it has in common with typical IWB designs. What makes this holster unique is the phone case it’s attached to, and how it rides in the waistband. The holster sits below the point you bend at your waist, and is held secure by a large metal clip looped over the belt and attached to the phone pouch. The beauty of this design is in the comfort. You can carry a full-size 1911 in your blue jeans and have no problem sitting at your desk or driving a car. The holster is placed inside the front of your pants on the off side, making it more of a modified crossdraw holster. If you’re a right-hand shooter, you’ll wear the holster over your left thigh. An obvious way to draw the gun is by reaching inside your pants with your gun hand and pulling the gun out of the holster. However, an even faster way is using your non-gun hand for a little help. Pull up on the phone pouch with your off-hand and the gun will come up simultaneously, allowing for a faster draw. If your off-hand is already in your pocket, simply push up on the holster with it and achieve the same effect. The Hide-It fits a wide variety of handguns and the cell phone case is interchangeable. If you get a new phone there’s no need to fret over your old case not fitting your new techno-leash; the cell cases come in four different sizes. Simply remove the cell case that no longer fits and call UCC for the proper size. I’m not implying the case will be free, just pointing out you won’t have to buy a whole new holster … which means breaking it in. Get A Grip CC’s next offering is the Grip-It — it looks like an old wallet gun U design, but it’s not. And, just so we’re all on the same page, “wallet guns” have historically been considered a big no-no with ATF, as they’ve been Here’s the Grip-It, holding my Ruger LCP. Notice the button in the lower finger hole, used for activating the Crimson Trace laser. labeled “any other weapon” (AOW) under the NFA rule. The ATF has determined the Grip-It and similar holsters sold by other manufacturers are legal. The gun drops into the leather holster, which is rectangular shaped and carried in the pocket to give the appearance of a wallet. It fits most .380 semi-auto models, and the gun is held in place by several tension screws. The leather stops below the barrel so the gun fires above it, not out of it. There’s a trigger access hole and another hole for your middle finger to give you a better grip on the gun. Obviously, these holsters are meant for little guns, so they’re a real benefit for those of you with big paws. They also make a version with a small button in the middle finger hole for activating a laser, should your gun have one. And finally, for fast magazine changes, the cutout for the trigger he complete Hide-It rig costs $90; extends around the magazine release. the holster itself comes in brown This holster is a great little design, but or black leather and the cell case I’d advise you check your local laws comes only in black. A replacement holbefore carrying it — just because the ster and clip is $65, while replacement ATF says it’s okay, doesn’t mean your cell cases are $25. The Grip-It comes in state or local government agrees. MORE dETAIls T black leather only and costs $50, with or without the button for a laser device. UCC has given us two more reasons to prove there’s no excuse for not carrying. * For info: www.americancopmagazine. com/ucc 20 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST2012

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