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American COP Digital Edition July 2012 - Page 30

The Carbon Motors E7 is slated to come “completely accessorized” when they’re in production. But most cop cars on the road today can definitely benefit from the accessories we’re highlighting here. Today’s average beat car requires a slide-out tray of gear to keep everything running. Vehicle Accessories i Mobile Must-Haves to Manage MayHeM! Jason HoscHouer know it’s almost a cliché, but your beat car/motor is actually your “office” for 8 to 12, or who-knows-how-many, hours daily. And while some accessories for your ride are fun, look cool and might even be useful, some can be vital to your safety. Things keeping your car running, lights and widgets allowing people to see you better and communications equipment that actually works are on that second list — I might even call them vital equipment. We’re constantly scanning “what’s out there” in equipment so we can advise on what makes sense. Here’s just some of what we’ve seen of late that left an impression on us. alongthebottomgivingyouadditionalinformation. Twoofthelightsindicatewhichdirectionyourradar isactivated(front/rear),whetheryou’reinmovingor stationarymodeandfaster/strongermodes.Thereare evenphotocellscontrollingtheLEDbrightnessfordayor night.Theonlydrawbackseemstobeanincompatibility withthenewChevroletCaprice.Therearesensorswithin theChevy’srearviewmirrorthatcan’tbereplacedwith analternaterearviewmirror. 7 on to rotating, even SOS. They’ll flash for up to 100 hours,asopposedtotheapproximate20-minuteburn of the traditional incendiary flare — plus no stink! Theycomeinavarietyofcolors(boththecasingand thelights)andareaboutthesizeofahockeypuck.The LED flare won’t negatively impact the environment, either.Also,itwon’tburnyourcartotheground.So, there’sthat,whichisnice. The LED flares are tough little suckers, too. They can withstand being run over by trucks at highway speeds.Nomorehavingtolayoutmultipleflaresina crisscrossoveroneanothertopreventhavingtorelight yourpattern. out on the road, wouldn’t it be nice to actually see yourscene?UseDQE’sportable360-degreelighttower, calledtheirLuminite. The light tower starts out in a 2'x17"x2' hardshellcase.Ofcourse,noteverypatrolcarneedsone, but if you’re investigating a pretty heinous grinder WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JULY2012 1 Decatur Electronics has provided police radar servicesforyears.Aspolicedashboardsgetmoreandmore limitedintheirview(thinkGPS,in-carcameras,dashmounted radar, etc), it gets harder and harder to see out the damn windshield to catch what all your fancy equipmentjustsaw.Decatur’ssolution?Streamlinethe radardisplay. They’ve taken the dash-mounted radar and put thedisplayintherearviewmirror.Yourcaralreadyhas a rearview mirror and you’ve been used to having it thereyourentiredrivinglife.Decatur’srearviewmirror includesaheads-updisplayshowingyourspeed,thetarget’sspeedandthelockedspeed.TherearesixLEDlights 2 PowerFlare’sLEDroadflaresareprogrammable, withanumberofdifferentflashpatterns,fromsteady- 3 NowthatyouhaveyourLEDflarepatternallset 4 30

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