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For more information on seeing your product featured in Spotlight, contact Phil Mendelson (800) 426-4470. SPOTlIGhT LE-1000 DRIVER TRAINING SIMULATOR FAAC Inc. High fidelity and low cost have converged in the new FAAC LE-1000 Driver Training Simulator. The LE-1000 is sleek and technologyladen, with features and functions requested by experts in the law enforcement field — it is the most competitively priced simulator in the industry. Enhance your training to include high-speed pursuits, intersection clearing, multi-tasking and your SOPs. Easily integrated with FOS for powerful full-cycle training. For more info: (734) 761-5836 or BATTLEVIEW Tactical Night Vision Company BattleView is a patented, combat-tested, nearinfrared vascular trans-illuminator designed to aid IV insertion at night without compromising an operator’s position. Utilizing standardissue night vision goggles; medics can apply BattleView to a venous area to easily locate an IV target without the use of white light. For more info: (909) 796-7000 or KELLY CONCEALED CARRY VEST Kakadu Imports ZERO MASS COLLECTION Bates Footwear Introducing true concealment. At Kakadu, their concealed carry designer begins his work on the foundation that concealed carry means, concealed. Sticking with that standard, you wouldn’t pick this vest out of a crowd to be a concealed carry piece of apparel. Both left and right front concealed carry panels feature reinforced elasticized holsters, which fully support most handguns. Two clips per side in concealed internal pockets. Weight is 12 ounces. Washed gravel canvas with leather trim. For more info: (800) 331-8851 or www. New for Spring 2012, is the revolutionary Zero Mass Collection from Bates Footwear. The collection consists of four styles available in three colors. Every aspect of the Zero Mass tactical and training footwear line has been meticulously designed to maximize comfort and minimize weight. For more info: (866) 6997374 or T3 MOTION Patriot 3 Command presence, increase agility and enhance community policing. The T3 Motion is a zero-gasemission, clean-energy innovation that is simple, intuitive and economical to operate. The T3 Series is designed to enhance patrols, save driver energy and increase response times. Operating costs are approximately 10 cents per day. For more info: (540) 891-7353 or www.americancopmagazine. com/patriot3 118 / 124 / 164 INTERDICTION KITS TACTICAL BRASS CATCHER Benchmade Catch Your Brass WALKIECLIP WalkieClip Safely inspect suspicious packages, cargo, seat upholstery, tires and more with these highgrade aluminum probes. The probes come in a variety of lengths and diameters, ranging in size from 64" for the Model 164 to 18" for the Models 118 and 124. Each probe has a pointed, perforated tip for sample extraction and retention. Threaded construction allows for easy assembly. Combo kit includes 124 probe, 118 probe, 8BLKH Hook T-handle safety cutter and Model 916SBK Triage knife with folding safety cutter. For more info: (800) 800-7427 or www. americancopmagazine/ benchmade WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM The Tactical Brass Catcher is constructed of highquality billet aluminum that is lightweight, compact and tough. The bag tray is made of 100-percent cotton, which will not burn or melt from hot brass. It easily attaches to the quad-rail or delta ring of most AR-platform rifles from calibers 5.56/.223, up to .50 Beowulf. Emptying can be accomplished with one hand. Models are available for right-handed or left-handed rifles. For more info: (520) 505-1802 or www. The owner and founder of WalkieClip is a police officer in central Ohio. He has over 18 years experience as a patrolman and takes officer safety seriously. The Walkieclip was invented to keep the shoulder microphone safely and securely attached to the uniform. Walkieclip has been awarded the most innovative product of 2011, and earned the NTOA seal of approval. For more info: (800) 401-1620 or 43

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