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American COP June Digital Edition - Page 42

SPOTLIGHT GLARE ENFORCER B.E. Meyers The new GLARE Enforcer from B.E. Meyers is the only green laser dazzler with an FDA variance permitting sale to law enforcement organizations. With its integrated safety module, it ensures eye safety for both users and those targeted by its green beam. For more info: (425) 881-6648 or www. INTEGRATED MAGAZINE POUCH GENERATION II Center Mass, Inc. The Integrated Magazine Pouch allows officers to carry a second AR rifle magazine on their person in a manner that saves space and creates a single ammunition management point. The Integrated Magazine Pouch joins with a pistol magazine pouch or other duty gear to give officers a comfortable, secure way to carry an AR magazine. For more info: (800) 794-1216 or STRAPGEAR Maxpedition UTG 547 LAW ENFORCEMENT TACTICAL VEST Leapers, Inc. UTG’s all time popular 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest with its heavy duty material, sewing and endless utilitarian details is a must-have item for vest users. It features four deluxe, adjustable rifle-mag pouches with Velcro closure, drain holes and elastic to hold mags tight. It also includes a deluxe, universal cross-draw holster that can be interchanged with a Velcro attachable modular double-mag pouches if more pouches are needed. Heavy-duty back loop system for carrying additional gear or tools, most durable rescue handle and signature mesh ventilation system further give this vest the best tactical advantages and strength. Fully adjustable in girth and length to fit almost all sizes. Available in Army digital, woodland digital, OD green and black. Also available in a left-handed version. For more info: (734) 542-1500 or Silicone-blend stretch utility straps for hiking, backpacking, camping and other outdoor recreation. The StrapGear is waterproof and durable, these soft and UV-resistant straps stretch up to twice their original length and are equipped with smooth teardrop connection hooks. These smooth hooks won’t tear up your gear like metal ends do, and rotate 360 degrees. Secure these hooks into the strap holes to fit any shape, perfect for outdoor activities when securing your gear is your utmost priority. Available in shade black, tan, coyote brown, foliage green and blaze orange. For more information: (877) 629-5556 or EDC EXECUTIVE 200-LUMEN FLASHLIGHT HDS Systems This single battery, 200-lumen flashlight provides four directly accessible preset brightness levels that are optimized for everyday use. The flashlight will run for over 22 hours on the default medium setting. A blinding 200 lumens is always available when needed to fend off an attacker or to see something at a great distance. The EDC Executive Flashlight’s small size allows the flashlight to be carried in a pocket or purse, in a holster or clipped to a belt at all times. A flashlight is only useful if you have it with you when you need it, and there is no reason to leave this versatile flashlight at home — hence the name EDC. For more info: (520) 325-3004 or ESS 5B SUNGLASSES ESS Eye Pro The ESS 5B is far more than just another pair of sunglasses. Features include ballistic high-impact lenses, universal-fit frames, distortion-free optics and all-day comfort; the 5B is ANSI eye pro at its best. Kit includes 5B sunglass with mirrored gray lenses, microfiber cleaning pouch and zippered hard case. Mirrored gray, mirrored copper and polarized lenses also available. For more info: (877) 726-4072 or SPECIAL OPERATIONS AND COMBAT DIVER GRIP (SOCD) Advanced Performance Shooting Advanced Performance Shooting designed their new SOCD grip to withstand the rigors of combat, period. On the street or downrange, the SOCD is not affected by rain, saltwater, oil or mud. It’s absolutely non-slip and virtually indestructible … wear it out and they will repair or replace it. The SOCD provides the edge you need to get ahead, whether it’s a matter of tactical or practical importance. Currently available for AR-15/M16-style platforms in the “Standard” or “Ergo” configuration starting at just $37.35. For more info: (573) 759-7331 or 42 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE 2012

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