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Though opinions vary a great deal on what makes the best duty handgun load, the current trend is to select bullets that are capable of passing through intermediate barriers and still expanding wide and penetrating deep. This, however, does not necessarily mean these bullets are the best at bringing about fast incapacitation. A LOOK AT THE BEST A great LE bullet, the Federal HST does very well in FBI barrier penetration/ expansion testing. HANDGUN AMMO A RICHARD MANN fter the 1986 Miami shootout, the FBI established testing to determine the best handgun cartridge and ammunition for their agents. Their testing protocol uses 10-percent ordnance gelatin and various intermediate barriers. They concluded for law enforcement, the minimum acceptable depth of penetration was 12". The FBI rated the .45 Auto twice as effective as the 9mm and considered 147-gr. 9mm bullets superior to 115-gr. bullets. But, the FBI was not the first — or last — to conduct a study like this. A hundred years earlier, US Army Captain John Thompson and Major Louis LaGarde shot live steers and human cadavers for the same purpose. Julian Hatcher, a former technical editor These three, 165-gr. .40 S&W Remington Golden Saber bullets show the consistency of this design. Golden Saber bullets also have a great reputation for accuracy. Winchester offers a high level of performance in the FBI testing regime using modern bullet design, building on past successes, like the Black Talon. 30 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE2012

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