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American COP June Digital Edition - Page 28

Short and completely ambidextrous, the KSG allows for a wide range of sight systems. Sling is from SpecterGear. KEL-TEC’s KSG Shotgun A pump action for the 21st Century JOHN HIGGS ADDITIONAL PHOTOS: DAN HENDERSON T he concept of a pump shotgun was first successfully manufactured and sold commercially by the Spencer Arms Company around 1884. But it was Winchester’s Model 1897 that went on to become the most popular shotgun of its day in America. In addition to various sporting uses, various police depart- ments as well as American Express adopted the shorter-barreled Model 1897 as a “Riot Gun.” (We all know a riot gun says more about you than a credit card ever can.) A considerable number of these Winchester riot guns were issued to American troops sent to the trenches of France during World War I, where Just add sights and a sling and the KSG is ready. they were dubbed “Trench Guns” and used with such devastating effect on the enemy infantry that in 1918 the Germans complained to the US Government. In one account, 200 American troops with trench guns, firing 12-gauge buckshot as fast as they could shoot and 28 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE2012 SPECIFICATIONS CALIBER: 12 GAUGE (2 ¾") ACTION: PUMP ACTION BARREL: 18 1/2", CYLINDER CHOKE. FURNITURE: STEEL AND POLYMER SIGHTS: NONE SUPPLIED, ANYTHING THAT FITS ON A PICATINNY RAIL WEIGHT: 6.9 POUNDS LENGTH: 26.1" LENGTH-OF-PULL: 12.99" WIDTH: 2.2" HEIGHT: 8.03" (WITHOUT SIGHTS) MAGAZINE: TWIN TUBULAR (7 ROUNDS PER MAGAZINE) SELECT FEED SAFETY: CROSSBOLT

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