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American COP June Digital Edition - Page 24

WIN! THIS PACKAGE! SPRINGFIELD ARMORY DEFENSIVE PACKAGE! PLUS 1 2 1The .45 ACP XD-S comes with a loaded chamber indicator. 2 A dovetailed fiber optic front sight is standard, and yes — that’s a .45 caliber muzzle! 3 Maxpedition’s 3-in-1 load-Out Duffel bag is typical of the kind of quality you expect from this groundbreaking company.Thisinnovative3-partbagsystemcanbeusedattachedor asseparatecomponents.There’samainbag,abackpackpodanda shoulderbagpod,andcanallbeassembledusingzipperedconnections.Madeof1000-Denierwaterandabrasionresistant,lightweight ballistic nylon, this might be the ultimate gear-hauling system — ever! 4 Yup, believe it or not, there’s a special “law Enforcement 24 .45 ACP XD-S 3 Edition” of the classic game, Monopoly, honoring the men and women of law enforcement. In this version, you still buy, sell and trade your favorite properties, but you’ll need to outwit your police budstobuildandtakecommandofalltheprecinctsandheadquartersontheboard.You’llroundlarcenylaneandheadforhandcuff highway — or go to directly to jail if you’re called into Internal Affairs!It’sallingoodfun,soenjoy!5 Spyderco’sMilitaryTitanium deliversa4"CPMS30Vsteelbladeandlightweightbuttoughtitaniumscales.A“nextgeneration”versionofSpyderco’sclassicMilitaryseries,fi rstshowninthe1990s,thislatestoffersnewfeatures. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JUNE2012

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