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The Federal EFMJ bullet is a unique approach to the barrier-defeating problem. It is what its name represents: an expanding FMJ bullet. HERE IS A LOOK AT SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR POLICE HANDGUN DUTY LOADS AND SOME OF THE LATEST OFFERINGS. FEDERAL HST Federal HST ammunition offers consistent expansion, even through intermediate barriers. The specially designed hollowpoint won’t plug up while passing through barriers, and HST ammunition is engineered to provide 100-percent weight retention through most barriers, but still expand to 1.5 times the original bullet diameter or even wider. The Federal Tactical EFMJ is a unique bullet design is built around a bullet with a full metal jacket profile to help ensure reliable feeding. The uniqueness comes from a pre-scored jacket covering a polymer ball. When the bullet impacts anything presenting any measurable resistance, the jacket collapses and expands outward, mashing the ball. There is no hollow point cavity to clog up and the expansion is mechanically driven as opposed to hydraulically. FEDERAL TACTICAL EFMJ HORNADY CRITICAL DUTY Speer Gold Dot bullets have a great reputation on the street. They expand wide, penetrate deeply and have proven to feed reliably in semi-auto handguns. Bullets loaded in the Hornady Critical Duty line use the patented Flex Tip bullet design innovative in Critical Defense ammo. The soft poly ball in the hollow point of the bullet initiates consistent expansion, preventing any clogging. Hornady also employs an InterLock band, locking the jacket and core together. The Speer Gold Dot line of ammo was the first high-performance handgun ammunition to be loaded with true, bonded-core bullets. This virtually eliminates core-jacket separation, even when bullets impact really tough barriers like auto glass. Speer Gold Dots in calibers from .32 to .45 prove to be exceptionally reliable performers; most often meeting the 12" penetration minimum, regardless of which cartridge they are fired from or barrier they pass through. SPEER GOLD DOT REMINGTON GOLDEN SABER Remington offers two versions of the Golden Saber. With the non-bonded version, a reverse tapered jacket is used to prevent core and jacket separation. The bonded version uses the same design but the core and jacket are bonded together. Golden Saber bullets are very reliable performers in all facets of the FBI testing protocol and are available in multiple bullet weights for most service pistol cartridges. at American Rifleman, based his theory of Relative Stopping Power on this study and concluded the .45 Auto FMJ bullet was twice as effective as a 9mm FMJ bullet. About 75 years later, the National Institute of Justice finalized what they called the Relative Incapacitation Index. It was based on hypothetical on a computer-generated man. The study rated the 115-gr. 9mm FMJ round twice as effective as a 230-gr. .45 Auto FMJ round. What now? With the combination of expansion and penetration pioneered with the reverse tapered-jacket design of Black Talon bullet, the T-Series can be relied upon to deliver consistent performance. The Black Talon and its replacement, the T-Series in the Ranger line of LE ammo, were the first bullets to rely on the jacket to actually enhance wounding. Winchester designed the bullet used in PDX1 ammunition to provide the best aggregate performance over the broad range of tests the FBI subjects handgun ammunition to. A proprietary bonding process controls expansion and keeps the copper alloy jacket welded to the lead alloy core, enabling the bullet to retain all or most of its weight regardless of the intermediate barriers or bones it may encounter. Winchester PDX1 ammo is available for the most common service pistol cartridges, and is the FBI’s choice in the .40 S&W. WINCHESTER T-SERIES WINCHESTER PDX1 More Confusion BARNES TAC-SP Around 1991, the Naval Weapons Support Center (NWSC) was testing 9mm loads, seeking the best hollowpoint for the Naval Investigative Service. Continued on page 41 The beauty of an all-copper bullet like the Barnes TAC-XP is there is no core and jacket to separate. This means weight retention is always high, and most often 100 percent. As of now the smaller, boutique ammo manufacturers like ASYM Precision, Barnes, Black Hills, Buffalo Bore, Cor-Bon, DoubleTap and Wilson Combat are where you will find most TAC-XP loads. Another facet of these all-copper bullets is, since 100-percent weight retention is almost a guarantee, you can drop down in bullet weight, which can up velocity and/or reduce recoil. Barnes TAC-XP bullets are slowly working their way into factory loads for defensive and duty handguns. Building on the success of their Critical Defense line of ammunition, Hornady now offers Critical Duty ammo, which has been engineered to provide reliable expansion and penetration after defeating intermediate barriers. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 31

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