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VANTAGE POINT Continued from page 46 STUFF I LI KE 3 2 Getting and maintaining a good firing grip on your gun is important, and with the UPG16 Interchangeable Pistol Grip for M16/AR15s from CAA you can do it without having to spend a lot of money. For just $35 you get a 6-piece rubberized pistol grip. The finger groove and palm swell panels are interchangeable, making the grip configurable to virtually any hand size. And all these possibilities remind me of the Armour Hot Dog song — you’ll just have to Google it to get the flavor of my thinking… You don’t need a gunsmith to install or change these grips. Simply remove your original grip and attach the UPG16, then start playing with different fits to see what works best for you. There’s also a storage slot for small items in the gripwell. MSRP is $34.99. 1 2 Gould & Goodrich has had a passion for protection since 1985 — when I was just a baby cop. There are only a couple other holster companies out there who’ve been at it longer, so to say G&G has forgotten more about holsters than many modern makers know is probably an understatement. While they’re old school (workmanship, etc.), they’ve transitioned into the modern world perfectly and now lend a unique balance of hands-on, one-at-a-time ethics with modern technology and design. Feast your eyes on this pair of leather concealment holsters with elegantly simple designs that are still sturdy enough for the rigors of daily use. On the left (sporting my Tussey Custom 1911 Officer’s ACP .45) is a Model 894 Low Profile Belt Slide (LPBS). It fits most 1911 and 1911 clones, and a variety of .380s with and without Crimson Trace lasers. The belt becomes an integral part of the holster and helps keep the gun in place. The body side of the holster sits high on the gun to keep it from digging into your side. The other holster (with the blued Model 36 J-frame) is a model 891 Belt Slide holster. It has a belt loop and belt slot on the back of the holster, making for a very stable fit. Both holsters come in black or brown leather, are made for right or left side carry and sized to fit most guns cops are likely to carry. They’re clean, professional looking and very affordable. At $26 to $30, no matter how little you’re making you can afford one — or both. 3 Here’s something I saw recently at the SHOT Show. The MagBlock is a replacement magazine of sorts for M4/M16/AR15 formats. It offers several functions. In the tab-up position (weapon safety configuration) it prevents ads because it keeps the firearm bolt assembly and firing pin from being engaged. In the tab-down position (ready position) it acts as a mag well seal, preventing dirt and yuck from getting in. The bottom plate also slides off to allow storage of up to four CR123A batteries or a cleaning kit in it. The bright yellow color of the MagBlock makes it very easy to see inserted into the mag well, but never assume a gun is “safe” even with such a device in it. Perhaps your rifle rides around in your car and maybe your department policy doesn’t permit it to be loaded until the need arises — MagBlock is an excellent way to ensure dust buffalos don’t invade your rifle. It’s also a safe way to practice safely with dry-fire drills. MSRP is about $20 — cheap insurance if you ask me. magblock * 1 VANTAGE POINT 45

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