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For more information on seeing your product featured in Spotlight, contact Phil Mendelson (800) 426-4470. SPOTLIGHT GUN VAULTS Vault Pro, Inc. FIELD INTERVIEW NOTEBOOK Rite In The Rain Rite in the Rain is a patented all-weather writing paper that sheds water, enabling you to write anywhere using a pencil or all-weather pen. The 3x5" Field Interview Notebook is the company’s most popular public safety notebook. Its convenient size and functional field interview page format make it standard operating equipment for thousands of officers across the country and around the world. The Miranda Rights are printed on the inside cover. For more info: (253) 922-5000, The American-made safes in this line fit the needs of any size collection. All of Vault Pro’s safes include hand-cut and custom-fit step system doors, dual palusol gaskets, bent body construction, 2,300-degree F ceramic fireproofing, multiple relockers, 60-plus Rockwell hardplates, American-made locks and lifetime warranties. While most of the safes are standard size, custom safes are available. For more info: (800) 299-6929, www.americancopmagazine. com/vault-pro PROLINK HOLSTER T-REIGN The new ProLink Holster and Case from T-REIGN is the only iPhone holster with an integrated retractable Kevlar tether. No more “dropped” calls takes on a new meaning with the ProLink, thanks to its 36" tether with 80 pounds of breaking strength. The holster can be anchored on your belt, backpack or purse strap. Both holster and case are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and are slim, lightweight and durable. The case snaps in place with the phone screen facing in or out, and has a quick disconnect from holster to case, to dock, share or charge. Another feature of the ProLink is the design of the versatile holster clip, which doubles as a stand for hands-free viewing. For more info: (909) 923-7800, ONE-PIECE BULLET PROOF MAGWELL Wilson Combat RAND CLP RAND CNC Machined from a solid billet of hardened tool steel or aluminum alloy, the One-Piece Bullet Proof Magwell seamlessly fits to the frame with the largest magazine well opening possible. It’s the new standard magwell option for all Wilson Combat handgun orders placed in 2013 and is available in a flat or round butt mainspring profile with perfected 30-LPI checkering. For more info: (800) 955-4856, URBAN GO PACK Condor The Condor Urban Go Pack is designed with practical pockets, enough to fit everything without having to dig through a massive main compartment, but not so many that they are too small to carry necessary gear. This is an everyday assault packs for anyone, from student to LE and military to security units. For more info: (800) 552-2554, www.americancopmagazine. com/condor-outdoor WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM RAND CLP was created by a police firearms instructor (also Special Forces Army Vet) to help with the following problems that plague gun owners: rust, carbon build-up/fouling, sticking and jamming mechanisms, water displacement and dirt, lint and dust. The magic of CLP is how the nano-particles work their way into the metal in your firearm and form a protective shield against rust, carbon and dirt. For more info: (203) 226-8727 x238, 41

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