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Smarter Chips, Better Grips — And Lots More Power John Morrison For Any Assignment he “lumen wars” rage on as manufacturers compete to squeeze the most candlepower out of the smallest package. The “runtime races” are just as competitive, with many new lights actually delivering higher lumen counts over longer periods from the same, unchanged power sources. Even better for us, the makers are paying more attention to our real-world needs in terms of improved ergonomics, greater reliability under harsh conditions of both weather and use, and thinking out Sightmark’s new SS2000 rechargeable is tough, bright and has excellent controls. Last year we evaluated Sightmark’s H2000 rechargeable Triple-Duty flashlight and found it to be very well made and suited for all-around utility and emergency services use. But with three selectable light levels plus strobe and SOS functions, all controlled by a series of taps on the tail cap switch, we felt operation simply had too many steps in it for fast tactical work under stress. We shared our findings and suggestions with Sightmark, and by the time you read this, their new SS2000 Triple Duty Flashlight, optimized for LE use, will be available. The prototype SS2000 we tested shares the H2000’s best features, from the extremely tough, waterproof, deeply textured and Type II mil-spec anodized aluminum construction to its three powerful Cree T6 LEDs powered by two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. Also like its predecessor, the SS2000 is offered as a complete kit with charger, a weapon mount, an additional corded tail-cap with remote pressure switch, lanyard and three colored filters: red, green and blue. The big change is in the control setup. 26 Tac Lights of the box, beyond established conventional designs, shapes and applications. The result is that we’re hip-deep in new lights from increasing numbers of companies. There are just too many to cover in an article, or even in an issue. So, we’re just going to present some of the best, brightest and newest for your consideration. If you don’t see your favorite company here, it’s just because we only have so much room, so we’ll likely cover them later. Momentary and constant-on are controlled by the protected tail cap switch. Low power, at 280 lumens, high power and strobe — both a blazing 2,000 lumens — are controlled by an easily rotated mode selection ring just behind the big lamp head assembly. The three marked tactile click positions are about a 1/2" apart so accidental change is unlikely, but changing mode is fast and certain. Runtimes on a full charge are 10 hours at 280 lumens, 1 hour on 2,000 lumens and 1.5 on strobe. At 9" long and 20.5 ounces the SS2000 has a nice heft to it, but it’s agile in the hand. MSRP will be $215.99. CL-43 tactical light breaks new ground in ergonomics and packs peak per2 Kel-Tec’s formance for its size. Kel-Tec has made their bones on unusual, innovative firearm T 1 designs. Their new CL-43 flashlight continues that trend, and you’d never guess from its tiny size and odd shape how powerful and ergonomic it is. The longer tube section holds circuitry, lamp assembly and two lithium CR123 batteries. The shorter barrel section holds WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH2013 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • MAY2013

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