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SIGHT-BLOC RANGE SYSTEMS Yeah, I know. You’re looking at the photo goin’ “What the…?” It’s a 6x9x11" block of compressed recycled rubber with three 2x5" concave troughs cut through it. What you get from all that carving is a 14-pound, extremely stable, virtually weatherproof, non-rigid (but not hard) 3-position shooting rest for sighting in and testing handguns, bolt rifles and semi-auto carbines, rifles and shotguns (say that three times fast!). Superior in many respects to sandbags or conventional metal or plastic rests, the Sight-Bloc by Range Systems won’t deteriorate, freeze or become waterlogged, and doesn’t skid around on hard surfaces. The weird shape provides you with shooting heights of 4", 7" and 9". The 4" height is well suited for handguns, using one or both hands, and some rifles with low iron sights. The 7" handles scoped rifles and iron-sighted ARs with about 1" of clearance from the bottom of a 30-round magazine, and the 9" position is great for ARs with heads-up optics — and those are just the basics. If you’re a serious shooter, it’s a great piece of gear. MSRP: $49.99. WHEELER FAT WRENCH WHEELER ENGINEERING This is one of those “you don’t even know you need one” things. Getting the right torque on nuts, bolts and screws on firearms is actually pretty important, but most of us just twist and groan until things seem tight enough. Scope rings and mounts are usually way too tight that way, leading to broken mounts, twisted scopes and worse. Rifle action bedding screws usually have specific torques listed by the manufacturers, but most people don’t bother. Ever wonder why your favorite rifle seems to have a wandering zero, or changes every time you take the action out and put it back into the stock? Likely you’re screwing up the torque. Wheeler’s FAT (Firearm Accurizing Torque) wrench solves that problem. Delivering accurate torque in inchpounds as opposed to the auto torque wrench in your garage (don’t use it!), the FAT allows you to get the right torque every time. Keep an eye on it, since all your buds will want to borrow it. At $50, they should buy their own! wheeler-engineering WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM Untitled-2 1 2/28/13 2:45 PM 15

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