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VANTAGE PoiNt Continuedfrompage46 Stuff I LI ke 1 3 1 We talk an awful lot in COP about the importanceofhavingandmaintaininggearforallthe things you might run into at work. This mindset is equally important in your home life too, especially inensuringyourfamilymembershavegeartohelp them get through any kind of disaster — natural or manmade. This is where Echo-Sigma and their stunningly good emergency bags come into the picture.Wetestedthe“GetHomeBag”(GHB)and ataround$250itgivesyouallthestufftosavethe lives of you and your family, should you need it. Designed as a 1- to 3-day Get Home Bag for one, it’sstuffedfullofallthebasichardwareyou’dneed from such quality names as SOG, Gerber, Midland Radio,ColemanandFenix,tonamejustafew.The bag contains food and water provisions, first aid gear, emergency tools and tube tent, sleeping bag cocoon, leather work gloves, hand warmers and plentymore. If you think the need for such a bag is a bit doomsday-ish,that’sokay(it’syourproblem).Maybe the Compact Survival Kit, which comes as part of the GHB, is more your speed, but is also sold separately for around $50. In this pint-sized pouch is everything you’d need should you (or your family) get lostorstranded.Itemsinclude:compass, emergencywhistle,emergencyblanket, several methods for making fire (BIC lighter,magnesiumfirestarterwithflint striker,waterproofmatchesandatinder kit with flint striker), duct tape, water purification tablets, light sticks, ball pointpensandpadofpaperandaset ofearplugs. All Echo-Sigma kits are designed to withstand varying temperatures in such places as the trunk of your vehicle. These kits are, quite literally, lifesavers you can (should) always have with you. www. absolutelyloveit.WhenI’mtravelingtoparticipate in a writer’s event or take a class this is my go-to case. I strap my rifle into the padded, soft canvas This is one of those nifty guns that once you riflebagandthenplaceitinsidetheresinhard-sided handleandshootit,youknowit’sgoingtobe case.Theriflebaghasabunchofslotsforholding awinner.Whatcaughtoureyeisit’sthefirsttime extra magazines and such, and once I’ve reached Rugerhasbuilta.22LRautowithafactory-supplied my destination I use the rifle bag to tote my gun threadedbarrel.Hidingunderanend-capprotector, this 1/2-28 threaded portion — as Ruger amusingly says — “…accepts many popular muzzle accessories.” The only “popular muzzle accessory” I can think of right off thetopofmyheadisasuppressor, which is just fine and makes perfect sense. But we had to laugh at the fact they wouldn’t say the “S” word! The .22/.45 is exceptionally accurate (we shot our test gun extensively), light (23 ounces), has excellent adjustable sights and with theright,um…“accessory”installed, would make a near-perfect handy “shoot-out-the-light” gun for SWATologists out there. At about $499 MSRP, it’s virtually a turn-key package — but you supply the suppres…, oops … I mean muzzle accessory. www. americancopmagazine. com/ruger I don’t know why I haven’t highlighted this 2 Hard/SoftComboGunCasefromBoytHarness before;I’vebeenusingitforafewyearsnowandI fromrangetorange. The hard case is also padded, giving me more than sufficient protection of my gun and sensitive optics. A rubber O-ring keeps everything watertight and dust-free, and the case issecuredbylockablehaspclosures.Thehardcase is black, but the soft rifle case is offered in black, green or tan and the combo is available in three sizes: 36", 44" or 51". www.americancopmagazine. com/boyt-harness 3 2 * 45 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM VANTAGEPoiNt

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