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Stuff I LI ke 4 1 You’re likely familiar with North American Arms, the makers of the near-legendary tiny stainless steel single-action .22-caliber revolvers. Thousandsrideincops’pocketsassecondorthird backup guns, and that’s a good idea. In the past, it’s been necessary to actually take the cylinder out of the frame of the little revolvers to load or unload them. You remove the cylinder base pin, dropthecylinderintoyourhand,usethebasepin toknockoutempties,reload,thenbasically“reassemble”yourgun.That’sfineifyouonlyneedfour orfiveshots! Hot off the presses at North American Arms is their newest design, the Sidewinder. By simply pulling the ejector rod forward a tiny bit, the cylinderactuallyswingsout,justlikea“real”doubleaction revolver. While the Sidewinder is still single action, the new model also has a genuine ejector rod and ejector star which will push the empties outallatonce,farenoughyoucanpluck’emwith a fingernail. It’s definitely easier to load/unload than the other designs, but it’s really only needed ifyou’replinkingorgoingtoshootitagooddeal. Barrel length is 15/8", but they’re working to get it a tad shorter. The initial runs have a .22 Magnum cylinder only, but later a .22 LR version will be offered. It’s around $350 at full retail and should beavailablearoundthetimeyoureadthis,giveor take a bit. For more info: (800) 821-5728, www. 2 2 If you carry a knife on-duty (and you do, right?), I’m willingtobetitmightbesorely in need of a good sharpening. While getting a keen edge is a bit of a black art, learning how to get a good, basic workingedgeisn’ttough.Oneofthemostimportant things you need is a good-quality diamond sharpening tool. Our go-to products in the Huntington household are made by DMT. All of their products are made in the USA and are all uniformly welldesignedandofexcellentquality. Thisnewestversionoftheir“Diafold”sharpener features see-through handles so you can tell at a glance which “grit” is on the covered diamond surfaceofthesharpenerscales.Red(shownonthe upsideofours)is“fine”whileblue(onthereverse) is “coarse.” It’s a perfect combination to work out nicks, establish a good bevel and get a basic edge going. Then the fine side will put a final hone on it and you’re good-to-go. They’ve also changed the design for the new packaging for this model, reducing the use of plastic in the package by 93 percent in the process. Best of all, you can’t wear out the diamond surface, and it’s only about $40 atfullretail.Formoreinfo:(800)666-4368,www. This was definitely one of those “Well … duh!” moments when I saw this. If you’ve everhadarecoilspringplugfroma1911goairborne,youcanseehowcoolthisis.Mostbushing wrencheshavethecutoutin-linewiththelengthof thewrench(90degreesofffromthePCTwrench). Whathappensisyouturnthewrench,thebushing moves, the plug becomes mostly “un-captured” and unless you have a third hand, it often goes “sprong”andlaunchesitself.Thenyou get to do the famous gunsmith prayerstance—onyourhands andkneesonthefloorinthegarage. This elegantly simple idea from Present Arms allows the bushing to be turned, but then the handle of the tool covers the plug until you can wrestcontrolofitfromthehandsofthedevil-wholaunches-things-in-your-garage. Made of synthetic polymer (plastic?), the PCT (Plug Capture Tool) is well made and only costs about $10. Buy one for your buddy too. Present Arms is a small, veteranowned company, so dig deep, help ‘em out and makeyourlifeeasieratthesametime.What’sthat, youdon’towna1911?GetaPCT,andthenyou’ll havetobuyone!Formoreinfo:(413)575-4656, We give the Brunton Restore Portable Power 4 Pack 5 stars. It charges cell phones, smartphones, MP3 players, iPods, GPS devices, digital 3 1 camerasandmore.Chargedbyitsownfoldoutsolar panel,DCorUSBsources,it’slikehavingthepower company in a cargo pocket. It’s tough as nails and comeswithahard-shellcasetoprotectit.It’sbigger than an iPhone, but not by much. It has a power gaugesoyouknowhowmuchjuiceisaboard,and evenhasahandylittleLEDlightbuiltin,justincase. Itcomeswitha12-voltcarplugandaUSBadaptorto chargefromalaptoporcomputer.Youmighthaveto buyaspecificplugtofityourownpersonalelectrical goodies.We’rethinkingyoutossthisontoyourdash duringasunnydayandneveragainhavetoworry aboutrunningoutofjuiceagain.Around$100orso. For more info: (800) 443-4871, www. * WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 45 vANTAGEPoiNt 3

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