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American COP March 2013 Digital Edition - Page 30

LESS LETHAL 30 TASER’s X26 is the most common of the electronic control devices, however they also produce the X2 and X3, allowing an officer to have more than one set of electrodes without a reload. If the X26 or X2/3 are too small for the crowd, the Shockwave may be your answer. This is a less-lethal, area-denial weapon. ScOtt SmIth he oldest-known weapon used by man was an impact weapon, be it a bone, rock or tree branch. In this mostsimple form, they were used, literally, to beat back early man. Today we have more modern options (we might call them batons), yet most are still a variant of the age-old weapon. And today’s technology offers us a wide variety of not only impact weapons, but also restraints and even leveraging devices. Officers need to have more than one option t takIng neW technOlOgy to control suspects and to assure compliance. This has created the less lethal part of the trade. Less-lethal options for police can be categorized as contact weapons, chemical munitions, electronic discharge or dedicated specialty ammunition. Often, these tools can be employed against individuals or crowds, depending on the situation. Generally these are all deployable by one or two officers, helping to assure a rapid WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH2013

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