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American COP Magazine February 2013 Digital Edition - Page 45

vANTAGE PoiNt Continuedfrompage46 Stuff I LI ke 1 1 overhead bin even on the small commuter jet;it’smynewfavoritepack.Thebagsare constructedofruggedpackclothandfeature paddedstrapsandbackpads,makingthem quitecomfortabletocarryfullyloaded.Front, sideandrearpouchesprovideamplestorage forsmalleritems,orthingsyouwanttokeep separate from your other gear. The full-zip main compartments are very roomy and boast several more zippered compartments withinthem.Bothbagsarehydrationbladder compatible(soldseparately)andhaverouting systemsonbothsides. For more info: www. Here are two excellent packs from Voodoo Tactical — the Tobago (OD Green) and Mini Tobago(Coyote) CargoPacks.Thesepacksareideal Thisisamust-havetoolforanyagency foramultitudeofcopandnon-copuses.Depending gunsmith. The UniPro Sight Tool allows you to uponhowmuchgearyouneedtohaveinone,easy- workonthemajorityofsemi-autoandrevolversights to-grab pack, both bags have merit. The large pack —onboththefrontorrearsights.It’smadefrom has75liters(over2,500cubicinches)ofcapacity… thehighest-qualitytoolsteels,andprotectedwithMilthat’salotofspace.IusedtheMiniTobagoonarecent Specpowdercoating,soyou’rehardpressedtobreak triptoGunsite,usingitasmycarry-onfortravel,and it. The heat-treated sight pusher assembly features asmyrangebagduringtheclass.Itheldeverything a fine-thread, making firm clamping of the sight I needed with room to spare. It fit easily into the stable and secure — avoiding a common problem with many sight tools. Permanently attached synthetic pads help to prevent marring of the firearm’s surfaces,andthe OurfriendsatStreamlightrecentlyintroducedthe Waypointtotheirrechargeableseriesoflights.I likethispistol-gripspotlightforseveralreasons.It’s light(asinweight)—only1.5pounds—it’llrun for5hoursonhigh(300lumens)andcanreachout toover1,800'.What’smore,it’swaterproofto6.5' andthelithiumionbatteryisfullychargedinjustfour hours.Bestofall,itcomesinthisbrightyellowcolor, makingiteasytoseeshouldIdropitintheboonies, and easy to see it by anybody looking to find me shouldIgetlostinsaidboonies.Yes,itcomesintactical blacktoo,butit’snotlikeyouneedtohidethedarn thing. For more info: www.americancopmagazine. com/streamlight 3 2 2 3 extra long tightening handle gives you the kind of torque needed to remove even the most stubborn sights. Manufactured by Kaiser Shooting Products and distributed by The Robar Companies, Inc. For more info: 4 4 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM ASPhasdoneitagain;they’vemanagedtomake theirexpandablebatonsevenmoreconvenient. Check out the Talon Disc Loc. Open it like all their other batons, with the disco or bull-riding snap of yourarm.Or…besneakyandsimplypullitopen inyourhands.Thiscanbehandyintightspotstoo. Furthermore,closingtheTaloniseasierthanever— nomorehavingtosearchforasuper-hardsurfaceto collapseyourbaton.Usingyourthumb,press thebuttonattheendofthegripandpushthe businessendofthebatonagainstyourother hand,gunbelt,ballisticvestorwhatever,to retract the shafts. Even better, retract it as you re-holster the baton into its scabbard. These improvements just make sense and I definitely like ASP’s new Talon Disc Loc batons. For more info: www. * 45 vANTAGEPoiNt

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