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American COP Magazine February 2013 Digital Edition - Page 30

Night Vision: Sneaky-Peek at The Bad Guys Dave Douglas hy the seemingly constant fuss over night vision? Actually there’s an easy answer: night vision lets cops see in the dark where the bad guys do their dirty work. In our efforts to eradicate terrorism, “owning the night” has given us a wholesale advantage. In your own efforts to eradicate domestic criminals, guess what gives you the same leg up? But we need to keep up to date on what’s new in the category. While technology changes, most basic gear remains similar, but some prices do fall, as the technology gets more affordable. You need to know about that so you can take advantage of it. But what’s really new in NV products? There’s the ANPVS-14 … or the ANPVS-14 … or maybe the ANPVS-14 … or a variant of the ANPVS-14 like the SVPNA-41. No matter which way you scramble the letters or numbers, the standard law enforcement quality NV device available these days is … wait for it … the ANPVS-14 — or some slight variant. There are a few exceptions, like the special purpose AstroScope from Electrophysics, a new unit — the MUM2 from L3/Insight — or the thermal viewer in a 14’s body from ATN. So let’s explore some of the variants along with the new stuff, plus a couple devices that can make using NV easier and safer, especially during SWATtype incidents. What follows is a quick look at what’s out there. If something catches your eye, we heartily recommend you do your own follow-up work and check out the company website or give ‘em a call to get more info. Don’t forget most companies are happy to lend test and evaluation samples so you can get hands-on with their gear. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • FEBRUARY2013 1 W 3 30

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