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American COP Magazine February 2013 Digital Edition - Page 24

WIN! moSSberg THIS PACKAGE! PLuS 24 SHotgun 1 2 “Eezer foam” to give you a non-slip grip surface that also acts to absorb shock during use. Ballistic nylon sheath is included. 2 And to help you (and your squad mates) keep yournewshotguncleanisthisnewlERangeBoxfromOtis Technology. Made of durable polypropylene, the lE Range Box is stocked full of all the cleaning supplies you could possiblyneedtokeepyourhandguns,carbinesandshotguns WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • FEBRUARY2013 1 Sometimesyoujustmightfind yourself needing to chop your wayintooroutofastickysituation,andthatwell-used,brokentip knife you’ve been carrying forever simply isn’t up to the task (think car crash or burning building rescue the fire departmenthasn’tarrivedtoyet).Youwon’thavetoworry about what to do if you have this TOPS knives IdT (Individual demolition Tool) with you. The extra-heavy tactical headoftheIdTisconstructedof3/8"thick1095tempered carbon tool steel, and is attached to a chrome moly alloy tubular handle. The handle has an 8" grip area made of

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