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American COP Magazine February 2013 Digital Edition - Page 22

EOTech/Insight Technology The EOTech light on a Mossberg 500 offers the same features as the 870 version, but without the fore-end guard. However, ergonomics are still highly functional and serve to keep the user’s hand firmly attached during cycling. The EOTech installs easily on a Remington 870. Note the guard keeping the user’s hand from slipping forward during action cycling. Updating a dUty ShotgUn Integrated Fore-end Light (IFL) here’s no other sound in the world as distinctive as the sound of racking a shotgun. Whether it’s a Remington 870, Mossberg M500 or even an old One CR123 Ithaca. And if the sound is coming powers the from your cover unit, it only 120-lumen light, enhances that warm fuzzy feeling. and also keeps These days many jurisdictions things tidy, are phasing out the pump shotgun allowing the light in favor of the rifle-caliber carbine. to be essentially If they do keep them around, the flush with the end shotguns seem to become relegated of the forearm. to a less-lethal role — and that’s a shame. It’s almost as bad as being retired — all that history, experience and ucts, bringing it down to a cop-friendly potential with nowhere to use it. price almost anyone can afford. The IFL’s LED puts out a minimum of 120 A New Tactical Life lumens, running off a single CR123 L3 EOTech merged with Insight battery, for over 120 minutes of conTechnology a while back, and along tinuous light. And, because it’s an LED with some outstanding night vision system, shock cycles with 12-gauge and thermal devices the former two slug have tested well in excess of companies have come out with their 3,000 rounds. Integrated Fore-end Light. Unlike their Activation is accomplished with closest competitor, the EOTech IFL is ambidextrous pressure pads for quick truly integrated into the fore-end. It engagements. You can control the doesn’t stick out. There’s nothing to light with constant on, momentary catch on a doorframe or hanging “wait and strobe modes. It also has a dedia second” wires. Some would say, cated off/on switch easily manipulated “Really, how often does that happen while wearing gloves — tactical or cold during a tactical search?” I’ve found it weather variety. happened darn near every single time I The system installs easily. If you’ve didn’t want it to happen. ever broken down a pump gun for cleaning, you can install the IFL. The Good Price, Lots Of Light unit measures 2.1x2.8x8.6" and weighs On average, EOTech’s version runs 12.2 ounces. It can be operated at temabout $100 less than comparable prod- peratures from 15 to 120 degrees F. It Dave Douglas T A main switch can be used to keep the unit off during storage or transport. will even operate underwater to one meter for 30 minutes. Two Versions Currently EOTech offers the IFL for the Remington 870 and the Mossberg M500 12-gauge models. There should be more versions on the horizon. The 870 version has an integrated handguard at the front of the IFL to prevent your hand from slipping in front of the barrel while vigorously racking the gun. While the Mossberg version lacks this feature, the design and texture provide a good, stable hold on the fore-end. We found our test sample rugged, reliable and with good ergonomics. We recommend this if you’re in the market for an easy-to-manage shotgun light. * For more info: (734) 741-8868, www. 22 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • FEBRUARY2013

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