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American COP January 2013 Digital Edition - Page 33

The Skimmer Good-Bye Gritty Glock trigger in a 1911, but made for a Glock. I had to try it. The Skimmer Trigger is a drop-in part. It includes the trigger mechanism with ejector, the trigger bar and a 4.5-pound connecter. Trigger John T. Grohn to-shot time was reduced. I also think I may have grown some more hair on my head, but can I fairly and honestly credit the Skimmer trigger for that? T he market for firearms and firearms related accessories is thriving. It seems as though everyone is looking for an edge. In the past, you usually had to settle for whatever gun you were issued, or what was available, and if you wanted to modify it to fit you better, you had to go to a gunsmith. Not so anymore. As a disclaimer, I am not a highlevel competition shooter; I’m a patrol cop who carries a handgun both on and off duty. I do compete in an occasional IDPA match or law enforcement competition. My focus, as an active-duty police officer and a concealed weapon bearer, is the everyday carry aspect of gun fighting. With that in mind, I ordered a trigger kit that would hopefully give me the edge without being “gamey.” I heard about the Skimmer Trigger from Jeff Wilson at Glocktriggers. com. I was intrigued by the video of Travis Haley, (formerly of Magpul Industries, now with his own company, Haley Strategic), stating that the Skimmer trigger replicates the WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM Initial Impressions The trigger comes as a drop-in part and includes the trigger mechanism with ejector, the trigger bar, a 4.5-pound connecter (a 5.5-pound connecter is also available), firing pin spring, firing pin safety and spring, and replacement spring cups. The parts are all 100-perecent Glock parts. Installation was easy. The trigger pull measured just less than 4.5 pounds using my Lyman trigger-pull gauge. While dry-firing, the trigger pull felt good and crisp, but I needed to get it out on the range to really test it. I loaded my magazines with a combination of Winchester 115-gr. FMJ, Federal 147-gr. JHP and Speer 124-gr. +P LE rounds (my preferred carry load). The gun ran as I predicted. In the 300round range session, I didn’t have a single failure to fire. The trigger, as best as I can describe it, felt like there was very little take-up and when you hit the “pressure wall,” the shot broke cleanly and without the grittiness common in a standard Glock. I also found my shot- Smooth & Reliable Since its installation, I’ve fired almost 800 rounds with the Skimmer trigger. To date, there have been no issues with reliability, and I don’t expect there will be in the future. Does the trigger feel like a 1911? That’s hard to say. I tell you what it does feel like; it feels like a clean, smooth press, devoid of that sandy, gritty feel. And when you hit the pressure wall, the next thing you feel is a break and you’re riding out the recoil. If you’re looking for an easy to install carry-type trigger upgrade for your Glock handgun, which will reduce the gritty feeling and smooth out your trigger press, check out the Skimmer Enhanced Carry Trigger System. MSRP is $159.95, and discounts are offered to LE/ military and firefighters. For more info: (877) 454-0877 or www. * 33 33

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