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10 1 livingtheAmericandreamofowninghisownbusiness, Tac-Tech-Cal. Jim handmakes each holster to order andprideshimselfontryingtokeepturnaroundtime under two weeks. He specializes in belt holsters ideal forrangeuseandcompetition,butIhadhimmakea low profile rig for my M&P 9C — it works great for undercovercarry. Tac-Tech-Calholsterscanbehadinmanydifferent colors(includingblack)andJimcandocustommagazinepouchesinjustaboutanyshapeandnumberyou want.Hemademea1911pouchholdingsixmagsin twooffsetrowsthatworksgreatforrangeuse. The Smith & Wesson name has been on more than just great firearms over the last century. Now they have partnered with Wild Things, LLC to create a line of outdoor clothing aimed at the armed individual.OneofthefirstitemsofferedistheRange Jacket.ThisisacottoncanvasWestern-stylejacketwith ahostofpocketstostoreallyourgear. There are two internal handgun concealment pocketscapableofkeepingyourgunreadyforinstant use.Thesepocketsarezipperedandhavesnapclosures toensurethegunstaysput.Otherreallycoolfeatures arethegunhammerzipperpulls,S&Wlogosnapsand the handgun print lining taken from actualS&Wblue prints.(MSRPnotavailableatthetime.) Ifyouarelookingforalogicalwaytocarryyour gear to the range, check out G-Outdoors’ line of G.P.S. Wild About Shooting Range Bags. With their VisualIDStorageSystem,they’velabeledeachpocket andcompartmentwithapictureoftheitemmeantto bestoredinit.Nowyoudon’thavetowonderwhere youputsomething,justlookatthepicture. Range bags are made of heavy-duty nylon with durable hardware and zippers. I have the large bag, whichismadetocarrymultiplehandgunsandanything I couldeverneedwhileat therange.TheWild About Shootinglineisprettyextensive,they’resuretohavea bagtomeetyourneeds. 13 11 10 Sometimes you just have to have some fun while you try to be serious. Mitch Rosen (of MitchRosenExtraordinaryGunleather)didthisdouble J-frame rig for His Immenseness, Publisher Roy Huntington. Roy is a big fan of S&W J-frame revolvers (as are most of us) and thought it might be fun and interestingtoseehowadoublerigworked. Yougettwoguns,10shots,lightweightcarryanda rigthat’seasytotakeoffandputon.Dangerousgame hunterscarrydoubleriflesbecausetheyhave,essentially, twocompleteriflesinone.It’sthesameconcepthere— youdon’tjusthaveareload,youhaveanothergun!Roy saysit’scomfyandjustatadJamesBond-ish, whichisn’tallthatbadIsuspect. * For more info: www.americancopmagazine. com/product-index and click on the company name. 4 12 OverthelastyearI’vebeenhearingalotabout N82 Tactical (Nate Squared Tactical) and their take on the IWB holster. They recognize one of the main things making IWB carry uncomfortable is the pressure from the sharp angles on the gun pressing into your body. They’ve created a polycarbonate holster attached to a panel, featuring suede on one side topressagainstthebody,andoiltannedleatheronthe otherfortheguntorestagainst. Thiswouldbegreatasis,butthey’vesandwiched a piece of neoprene between the two sides. What the neoprenedoesisgiveyouacomfortablepadabsorbing thepressurefromthegun.Thesuedeallowsyourskin to breathe, while the neoprene keeps any moisture fromyourskinfromgettingtothegun.Allofthisadds up to extreme comfort. I’ve been testing the Professionalandamquitehappywithit.MSRP$69.95. 13 30 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY2013

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