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American COP January 2013 Digital Edition - Page 29

a leather panel. The panel has three belt slots, which allow you several carry options including strong side and crossdraw. The leather panel fully protects the gun from touching your body. CrossBreed also uses a similar design for a matching single and double mag pouch. This design gives you a great combination of close-to-the-body concealed carry and a comfortable, fastbeltholster.MSRPstartsat$52.50. Their name says it all — Galco Gunleather — beautiful holsters made out of leather. Recently though, they dove head first into the plastic holster business and came up with a real gem. Their latest thermoplasticMatrixholsterlineistheM6XALH(Auto Locking Holster). It has a patented locking device, keeping the gun securely in the holster until released usingthethumblever. The M6X ALH has a very natural, intuitive draw, allowing you to get the gun out and on-target in a hurry. The belt slots adjust from 1.25" to 2" and the holster hugs close to your body for nice concealment. MSRPisjust$39.95. Thebestholsterintheworldisalmostworthlessif you’renotusingagoodbelt.DaltechForcemakes good-quality,inexpensiveleatherbelts.TheirBULLBELT 5 3 is made from a layer of bull hide on the front, and cowhide leather on the back to create a sturdy, yet comfortablebelt.Thebeltneedstobesturdyinorder toproperlysupporttheweightofthegunandholster. I’vebeenwearingtwoofthemforseveralmonthsnow andtheyareoutstanding. BULLBELTsrunalittlesmallbecauseofthethicknessoftheleather.Add4"toyournormalwaistsize togetaproperfit.Theycomein28"-70"andseveral widths, with 1.25" for smaller belt loops (ladies?), 1.5"forstandardbeltloops,and1.75"forbiggerbelt loops.Choosefromstainlesssteelorbrasshardware. MSRPis$49.95. NattStevensandhiscrewatTUFFProductshavea reputation for listening to their clients and willingnesstotrynewthings;it’showtheycameupwiththe Pocket-RooandTacllettJr.ThePocket-Rooisatwiston theconventionalpocketholster;asmallpouchisadded for carrying a spare magazine or one of their great QuickStrips. The Tacllett Jr. is a multipocket pouch you clip to your belt. Outside, it features elastic slots for a pen and flashlight, and a flapped mesh pocket perfect for acellphone.Themainzipperedcompartmentholdsa small gun and spare magazine or QuickStrip, each in individualelasticstraps.Accessissuperfastthanks to the pull handle that defeats the zipper and Velcroclosure.MSRPis$19.99(Pocket-Roo)and $59.99(TacllettJr.). 5 8 Ifyoufindyourdutiesrequireyoutocarryalittle extragearonadailybasis,you’llwanttogivethe Kakadu Briefcase a close look. It has a rugged but sophisticated look, allowing it to blend into a variety of situations. In addition to being large enough for a laptop and having pockets to keep all your stuff, it featuresasnap-inholsterpanel.Thispanelhasaholster and two mag pouches made from military-grade elastic,keepingyourgunsecureandattheready.I’ve been using one every day for a few months and I’m veryhappywithit.MSRPis$144.99. Are you in need of a custom Kydex holster, but don’twanttowaittwomonthsandpaythroughthe noseforone?JimTactayunderstandsyourquandary. He’sadisabledvetandcompetitiveshooterwho’salso 8 7 6 9 9 7 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 29

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