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American COP January 2013 Digital Edition - Page 28

Carry 6 12 OptiOns W 1 hile we have a regular column called Carry Options every other month, we expanded on the concept this issue to bring a broad cross-section of goodies we’ve laid our hands on and checked out. We’ve worked with each of these pieces of gear, some quite extensively, and found they all have something to offer. Not everything will work for everybody, and that’s why we all have that box of holsters hiding in the closet. (Tip: Give ‘em away to the more needy so they don’t have to buy their own box of holsters and waste the money you did!) If you’re like me, as my job description changes (patrol, detectives, specialized units) and as new firearm technology arrives, I’m pretty much constantly keeping an eye out for Pants with a purpose — CCW Breakaways are nothing short of revolutionary for anyone who carriesconcealed.Onlyyouwillknowyouhaveagunin yourpocketthankstothedeep,frontholsterpockets. TheyweredesignedfromthegroundupbyJayFrench to not only carry a gun comfortably concealed in the built-inpantspocketholster,buttobeabletodeployit rapidly.Bypracticinggoodtactics,youcanachievethe mastergriponyourgunwhileit’sstillinyourpocket. ameriCan COp’s COmpendium Of Gun tOtinG tips John Russo new ideas to make toting a gun on- and off-duty more comfortable and effective. Some ideas are home runs while many shouldn’t have ever happened in the first place. But hey, that’s why we’re here — to help you peer through the clutter and come up with a rosy picture. Consider the following a synopsis of some “Good-2-Go” gear (G2G, get it?); and while we didn’t have room to include everybody, it’s a good place for you to start. We’ll be covering even more gear in future columns and features so stay tuned. When a threat presents itself, you’re able to draw in less than a second, with the aid of the twobreakawaysnapssecuringthepockettothe belt line (check out the pictures). This ability is whatsetsCCWBreakawaysapartfromanyother holster option. They’re comfortable, look like normalpantsandarebeautifullyconstructed.The deep,pocketdesignputsthegunmoretowardthe insideofthethigh,soit’slesslikelytoprint— and it simply works great. Available in khaki, cargo and denim, they are well worth the MSRPis$69.99. We’llcallthisversatileplastic:TheStryker System is an all-new polymer holster from DeSantis.It’smodular,andoneofthemost-adjustable securityholstersI’veseen.Useiteitherasafinger-activatedLevelIIIsecurityholster,orremovetheleverand useitasathumb-activatedLevelIIholster.Thethumb leverisalsoadjustableforaperfectfitforanyofficer. The Stryker is quickly attached to or removed frombelts,thighrigsorMOLLEvests,andnotoolsare needed to do the presto-chango thing. This truly is a versatilesystem.MSRPis$120.99. 2 11 Comp-Tac creates a holster that’s comfortable against yourbodywhilestillallowingeffortlessre-holstering. TheholsterbodyisaninterchangeableKydexhalf shell, allowing you to switch guns without having to buy a completely new holster. The Minotaur MTAC is adjustable for cant and ride height, and the clips are interchangeable too, letting you match your belt size andcolorsasneeded.MSRPis$85. BuildingonthedesignandcomfortoftheSuperTuck IWBholsters,CrossBreednowoffersanOWB—the SuperSlide — featuring a Kydex holster attached to 28 2 Known for their competition and personal-defense Kydex belt holsters, Comp-Tac has moved into the concealment arena with their new Minotaur MTAC inside-the-pantsholster.CombiningKydexandleather, 3 4 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY2013

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