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American COP January 2013 Digital Edition - Page 22

WIN! THIS PACKAGE! SuPEr Carry PrO 1 PLuS ssTantoneckknife.Witha2.25" blade and 4.25" overall, this little dynamo is sure to help in tight quarters.Thev-groundtantoblade is excellent for penetrating thrust cuts, and brous’s is made from .25" D2 steel with a satin finish. Theknifefeaturestwofingerholes andjimpingtokeepthebladefirmlylockedinyourhand.ThessTantocomescompletewith Kydexsheathandstainlesssteelballchain. 2 Tohelpyou stowandcartyournewsuperCarryPrototherange,this large two-in-one Range bag from voodoo Tactical reigns supreme. It’s just like it sounds — two bags in one. The bagfeaturesaremovablecentercarrycompartmentwith 22 KIMBEr .45 aCP 2 1 From brous blades comes this zippered, padded side panels allowing you to store and protectmultipleguns.Thehookandloopdividersareadjustablesoyoucanpersonalizeyouraccessories,andthe magazinestorageloopsarealsoremovable.Theouterbag is dual-zippered for easy access and features an extra, outsidepocket. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY2013

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